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Why Giving Studio Works in Conjunction with Other Fundraising

Why Giving Studio Works in Conjunction with Other Fundraising
June 4, 2015 Lisa Long

One recent trend in school fundraising is to eliminate fundraisers and encourage straight donations. Citing safety concerns for children participating in door-to-door sales, lack of enthusiasm for coupon books that don’t get used, volunteer burnout, and other similar problems with traditional efforts, some schools have opted for the anti-fundraiser: allowing families to make a donation and opt-out of fundraising altogether. We understand the appeal of this approach, but we have also seen problems with how it plays out.

The first year, parents are thrilled to have an option to avoid participating in traditional fundraisers. Many respond generously and the anti-fundraiser donation effort is a success. The second year may also raise significant funds. Typically, donations fall off by the third year as parents who were enthusiastic about freedom from fundraisers may have moved on to new schools. Additionally, those who never participated in other efforts to raise funds for the school may feel put out by being asked to write check when this drive is no longer seen as an alternative to something else. Families who have written a check for a few years may stop after feeling that they have done their part.

What is the solution?

Giving Studio’s unique approach to fundraising works seamlessly to supplement efforts to solicit funds raised through donations. Why does Giving Studio work?

  • By supporting local businesses and timing our catalog release and product delivery with holiday shopping, Giving Studio offers products people want to buy when they want to buy them.
  • Door-to-door selling is not required. As parents, we understand concerns about having our children sell. It can be uncomfortable and brings up concerns for safety. With Giving Studio, all purchases are made online. Feel free to share the catalog with friends and family if you would like – more sales mean more money for your school – however, no selling is required. Most people use Giving Studio as a gift catalog for the holiday purchases. (Some use Giving Studio for corporate gifts and watch the money for their school really add up – ask us how!)
  • Giving Studio requires an average of only two or three volunteers per school. We provide amazing marketing support, and Giving Studio is considerably less labor intensive than many other fundraisers.
  • By updating our product offering with each catalog, our fresh items continue to sell and your profits don’t drop off year-to-year.
  • Shopping with Giving Studio is fun! People shop at the holidays. Why not give them an option that supports your school while they’re already choosing gifts? It doesn’t feel like an intrusive fundraiser.
  • Everyone wins! Our volunteers enjoy the experience, your school earns money, shoppers love the products, and gift recipients get handcrafted local goods. Buying locally supports the economy by keeping money within the community. It’s a winning combination.

Give your school community the option to shop through Giving Studio this holiday season. Our beautiful catalog showcases some of the area’s finest artisan goods and orders are placed online. It’s not intrusive. It’s easy. Supplement your donation strategy with Giving Studio. Support your school while giving back to the local community.

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