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Giving Studio Solves the Biggest Problems in School Fundraising

Giving Studio Solves the Biggest Problems in School Fundraising
March 4, 2015 Lisa Long

Most schools have the same problems when it comes to fundraising. Created by a parent who knows the difficulties encountered through typical school fundraising, Giving Studio uses an innovative model to address and overcome familiar problems with a better approach.

Problem 1: Too much work for too little profit

Traditionally, school fundraising has been a labor-intensive proposition for organizers. The return generated often seems meager compared to the effort it takes to raise funds. Statistics show that auctions, dinners, and other one-time fundraisers can require 20 or more volunteers, while many product-based fundraisers can take 7 or more, with a return on sales of 10%.

Giving Studio gives 20% of the sale to the school and needs only 2 or 3 volunteers to manage. The volunteer feedback after a Giving Studio sale is frequently, “It was so easy!” Giving Studio provides all the marketing material, a convenient website for ordering, and a pick-up day at the school in addition to allowing items to be shipped directly to a recipient. Giving Studio also provides corporate gift giving services, providing schools an option to truly maximize profits.

Problem 2: Burn out

Has your school been selling the same wrapping paper or cookie dough for years? Are you seeing a decline in sales? Are too many organizations selling the same items? Are your sales suffering from parental burn out after seeing the same items year after year?

Giving Studio brings high quality artisan made goods selected annually based on sales data, industry trends, and new product interest. Our updated offering brings new energy and enthusiasm to your audience of parents, friends and family, and has customers coming back for more. We time our sales to generate the highest return for the school and the products are unique and desirable.

Our unique items are offered at their regular retail prices, or are exclusive Giving Studio items. We do not boost our prices in order to give back to schools – this is truly a partnership to benefit schools and provide a larger audience for Giving Studio artisans. The unique, handcrafted jewelry, home goods, and gourmet foods make fantastic gifts and treasured treats. We offer desirable, locally sourced goods ordered online and delivered to the school. It doesn’t get much better or easier than that.

Problem 3: Lack of wider support

While most members of the community support school fundraising, many are not interested in the products traditionally available through fundraisers – making them hard to sell to non-parents. Giving Studio solves this problem in two ways. First our beautiful, hand-made goods are unique and desirable on their own. Second, all Giving Studio products are made by local artisans so not only does a Giving Studio purchase support the school but it also supports the broader community.

Each dollar spent with a local merchant returns three times more money to the local economy than the same amount spent with a large chain or non-local firm. By supporting our local artisans, we generate a lasting impact on the prosperity of local organizations and residents. Research shows a strong correlation between the percentage of locally owned firms and numerous indicators of community health and vitality.

Choose local Fundraising with Giving Studio.

Fundraising with Giving Studio is easy for volunteers. We offer great products, and support local artisans through sales of high quality, hand crafted goods.

It’s WIN-WIN-WIN Fundraising!